intergalactic goat rodeo

new blog, drop me a line if you want it and i’ve not followed u but im being selective w/ who i follow

ok well im out

seriously though why





why are people so obsessed with “top or bottom” 

honestly im just excited to have a bunk bed

uhm im pretty sure OP was talking about sex lol. what are you 12 or something?

what the fuck is sex

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brow game strong even in the wee hours of the night

brow game strong even in the wee hours of the night

ok but the snack hammock is a really good idea and no one believes us. we’re gonna get some cloth.. and string it up on the ceiling with a pully…. and when one of us is sad we PULL THE STRING and SNACKS RAIN DOWN

on the BRIGHT SIDE and totally unrelated, yuki and i are branching off from our other roommates to find another place— no more gecko arguments. we can have our snack hammock and play mat and no one’s gonna tell us to grow up

Anonymous asked: and sure, Ill tell em to get off, Odd thing is its actually showing them on their from being on the tracker itself, Only ones that are friends of mine are in peru and europe. rest are unknown

thanks man i actually appreciate that. the other people are probs my followers. when shit hits the fan people gather around to watch i guess